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Nakhon Pathom
Category : Temple

Wat Thammapanyaram is located on no. 108, Ban Bang Muang, Bang Chang sub-district, Sam Phran district, Nakhon Pathom province. It covers the area of 2 rai and the front part is by Nakhon Chai Si river (also called Tha Chin) and the rear part is close to Soi Thian Dat – Khlong Mai, Phetkasem road.Established in 2005, it is the only one Mahayana Buddhist temple in Nakhon Pathom province. Formerly, this temple was a 100-year old vegetarian cafeteria named “Heng Seng Tua”. Later, the committee of vegetarian cafeteria granted this land and the building of the vegetarian cafeteria to Phra Det Phra Khun Phra Maha Khananam Thammapanyathiwat, the head of Anam Nikaya in Thailand. On December 30, 2005, it was promoted as Mahayana Temple under Anam Nikaya of Thailand and has been a spiritual center for Buddhist since then. The temple is under the shade of trees around it which represents the fertility in Samphran area. It is an ideal place for those who are seeking a place to recharge your energy after a tiring working life.In the temple you can find many holy items e.g. Lord Buddha’s relics from Bihar state, Bodh Gaya, India, the Buddha image “Phra Yulai Phaisatchayakhuru Phutthachao or Phra Ngoen Yai” in the position of Meditation holding a holy water bowl, Gods of Fortune (Ngowlowchaising), scented wood from China, three Buddhas enshrined in the temporary vegetarian cafeteria, reclining Quan Yin statue, Chinese mythological figure named Hua Tho Siang Sue, Guan Yu (the epitome of loyalty and righteousness), God of Buddhism Protection (Yi Da), Pae Gong shrine, old heritages from antecedents, 2-D model of Tha Chin river and sand mandala. The temple offers many relaxing activities such as massage, foot therapy herbal pond by Traditional Thai Medicine Development Center. You can make merit by feeding thousand lovely carps or giving offerings to Buddhist monks. This temple is popular among locals and tourists. Many people come here for blessings as it is believed that the holy spirits can cure their illnesses.Open daily from 07.00-18.00. Please contact the office of the temple before visiting. Animal liberation and praying is held every Sunday. For more information, please call 0329 5341, 03497 9225 or at 

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