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Samut Songkhram
Category : Temple

An unusual story lies behind the monks’ residence at this old temple. It is said that a man from a prominent family was told by the abbot of a different temple, named Wat Bang Li, that his daughter would become queen. The wealthy man promised to build a Kudi Thong (a monks’ residence made of valuable golden teak), if the abbot’s prediction were to come true. As the story goes, his daughter later became Queen Ammarinthramat; thus, the special structure was built. However, when the temple soil was eroded and destroyed by water, the Kudi Thong was relocated to this temple, originally named WatPhummarin. WatPhummarin was then renamed WatPhummarinKudi Thong.A museum and an education park are also located nearby, where Buddha images, traditional Thai books, white porcelain and antique brassware are displayed. A Buddha image nearly 300 years old is also enshrined here, alongside a monument to King Rama II.The temple is situated by the Mae Klong River, at the mouth of the KhlongPrachaChomChuen on the west bank, in TambonSuanLuang. For more information, contact PhraPalatThawonpiyatharo at 0 3475 1492 or 0 3475 1085.

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