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Wat Nong NguakWat Nong Nguak is located on 240 Moo 5 of Baan Nong Nguak, Sub-district of Mae Rang in the District of Paa Sang in Lampoon. It is a rather small temple located behind the village. It is a Buddhist temple, belonging to the Maha Nikai.The temple was built In 1774 by a villager called Mr. Jai. Mr. Jai had a son who very much wanted to become a Buddhist monk, but as the village still had no temple of its own Mr. jai decide to build a temple. He invited Kru Ba Pha Ra Mee to become president of the project and named it WatNongNguak.The temple comprises of several sacred and mesmerizing elements including HorTrai (Hall of Scriptures) which is among one of the most popular. HorTrai is adopts the Burmese architectural form and decoration. It is a 2 storey building, but the second floor is now permanently closed. The area downstairs has got beautiful walls filled with artistic murals explaining the story of Lord Buddha’s life and his reincarnation. Unfortunately, the poor maintenance has resulted in faded art work today. Another interesting point within the temple is its arch doorway which is adorned with animals from myths such as Kinorn and Kinnaree. Aside from beautiful attractions in the temple itself, Baan NongNguak is also worth a visit. It offers a true traditional Thai ambiance and lifestyle along with exquisite Thai architecture.Visitors are welcome to visit the temple and village daily. Private cars are most convenient as visitors can take Highway 106 out of the District of Paa Sang and head towards Baan Hong. After 6 kilometers will be a right turn. Take the right turn and continue for 1.5 kilometers until arriving at an intersection in front of Wat Don Luang. Take the left in front of the temple and another left turn whilst arriving at the next junction. It is also possible to hire public transportations such as Baht buses (local pickup trucks) from Paa Sang which will cost around 500 THB.

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