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Pak Khlong Talat night market was once a large fish market where fish were sent directly  from Tha Chin River, Samut Sakon province by Chao Phraya River. Later, it was changed into a market where vegetables, fruits and fresh flowers were sold. Nowadays, Pak Khlong Talat market consists of four main markets namely Marketing Organization market which belongs to Ministry of the Interior,  Yod Pimarn market, ICP flower market and Buddha Yotfa market which all three belong to the private sectors. Pak Khlong Talat market is at the fourth rank from top ten flower market around the world.  It is also the third biggest orchid flower market in the world. The market is located around Chakrapetch road where there are many stalls along Chao Phraya River to Maharat road and around Ratchaburana temple, Rajini School and Suan Kularb School. During the daytime, it is a fresh market while in the evening, there is every kind of flowers both planted in Thailand and imported. These flowers are sold at low prices such as Holland roses, classic pinks, lisianthuses, lilys, tulips, granddioruses and orchids. Moreover, there are flower arrangement service and flower arrangement equipments for sale.  There are minor ornamental flowers used in a vase or bouquet, colorful papers and bows. Therefore this is also a center where flowers are sold in retail and wholesale price. The owner of the flower arrangement shop all over the country will come to select the most beautiful flowers, buy them in wholesale price before sell them separately in shop branches. When Valentine’s Day is coming, Pak Khlong Talat will be very vibrant although the flower price will be higher since it is more chance to sell a lot especially  the roses which is 2 times higher than the normal price. At night, the flower market holds many stalls  until they reach Suan Kualarb school entrance. Therefore, Pak Khlong Talat in this season will especially be vibrant. For visiting the market, you can come by many transportation means. First, you can take  the bus number 2, 3, 12, 53, 60, 73, 73Kor and 82. You can visit here by boat which you can enjoy  the romantic view and the beauty of Chao Phraya River. You can get on the boat at Chao Phraya  High-speed Boat company at Ratcha Singkhorn temple – Nonthaburi route at Saphan Phut pier.  Then, you can easily walk to Pak Khlong Talat market. For those who love beautiful flowers and would like to see the colorful of various flowers and the charming atmosphere of Chao Phraya River at night, Pak Khlong Talat market is another attraction you should not miss.  

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