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Hoob Krapong Learning Center according to the Royal Intention is located in Khao Yai subdistrict. It is established to be the learning center for people who are interested in the royal projects. Therefore, they can adapt to their career. The center is the exhibition center in Kum Klao building. It presents royal projects in the past until nowadays, photos in the past, the first agriculturist’s house who first moved to settle down at Hoob Krapong, the agricultural machines and Chai Pattana water turbines. Here, visitors can observe the model plant field of Bang Krapong villagers which is the first co-operative village. There are fields for growing asparagus, products made from Paan Sonnarai grass and milk cow farm. The center opens every day except Sundays from 08.30 – 16.30 hours. For visiting as a group, please inform the center ahead. There are seminar meeting rooms and shelters provided for those who want to hold a seminar here. For more information, please call 0-3247-1543 or 0-3247-1100.  In the learning center, there are exhibitions in Kum Klao building, the co-operative and the exhibitions presenting the royal duties at Hoob Krapong.Apart from seeing the exhibitions inside the Hoob Krapong Learning Center according to the Royal Intention, there are also the agricultural field models for observation. They are based on the model agriculturists who are successful in their agricultural career. There are altogether 6 leaning centers which are1.Asparagus learning center of Mr. Tee KlongklaewHe is the proneer agriculturists who first grew asparagus in 1973. He gains knowledge from the Israel scholar. When he blends the knowledge with his hard-work, he earns his success. Accordingly, he can build his stable and secure status until present.2.Beef cow learning center of Mr. Odd PhromraksaHe is a model agriculturist who builds his own fortune from seriously studying data about beef cow. He began from taking care of five American-Brahman cows. Five years passed and now he owns over 400 cows. He also creates his own beef cow food recipe which plays the important factor to boost the cow’s growth and perfect meat.3.Non-toxic vegetable learning center of Mr. Sod NijokHe is another pioneer agriculturist who was granted a house covered with thatch grasses and 28,800 square meters for doing his agricultural career. At present, the field is changed into scallion and parsley fields which are grown on rotation. The growing period is 45 days. No chemical or pesticide is used 10 days before the collecting day to make sure that there is no any residue to the consumers. Moreover, some areas are used as a garden and other field. The rest is made as a pond reservoir to collect water to use during the draught season. This is the agricultural model method which teaches others how to use every area effectively and product the highest benefits.4.Milk cow learning center of Mr. Damnern TienchaiThis agriculturist model changed his occupation from farming to milk cow. He is the only milk cow agriculturist in Hoob Krapong village. The daily routines are wake up early, milk the cows, feed them, cut the grass for feeding and check the cow’s health. He does every activities with happiness and proud of his career.5.Paan Sornnarai grass learning center of Hoob Krapong agricultural co-operativeHoob Krapong’s women villagers are granted the Paan Sornnarai production career by Queen Sirikit who kindly sent teachers to provide how to adapt Paan Sornnaraai fiber to make bags, shoes, hats, belts and etc. Paan Sornnaraai products have become the money and fame makers for Hoob Krapong villagers since then. 6.Utensils learning center of Mrs. Pinrat TunyongThis sideline occupation of Hoob Krapong housewives came from brainstorming and idea of producing products used in households such as dishwasher liquid, baht cream, shampoo and other products widely sold in local and well-known hotels in Cha-am district. Every process is done carefully, hygienically and safely. The products pass the certification of local product standard and co-operative standard product trademarks.Tourists can buy their agricultural products and Paan Sornnaraai grass and Feak grass such as bags, hats, shoes, baskets and dried fruits at Hoob Krapong, Paan Sornnaraai Folk Arts and Crafts Center. It opens every day except Tuesdays from 09.00 – 17.00 hours.

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