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Getting More Information

How can I find out more about tour packages to Thailand?

The Internet serves as the best media to find information on Thailand packages. Many travel agents allow online booking too. However, the Amazing Thailand website ( is the national website that can provide you with some itineraries; otherwise you may consult your travel agent.

Can you send me more information on where to go and what to see? Are there places that are featuring special offers at the moment?

How can I get tourist brochures on Thailand?

I would like to get information on a Tourist Package?I am particularly interested in 1) Thai culture, 2) Nature, and 3) Beaches?I have one week at my disposal?

I am looking to travel now to a beach resort and want your best deal on a trip

Can you please help suggest itineraries for traveling in Thailand?

I want to know more about a package and book the package deal available on your website, Can you please help make the booking for me?

May I know the package price of the itineraries listed on the web site?

Where are the tourist information centers located?

How do I get the information about Tourism offices in Thailand and abroad?