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Romance Travel Tips

No romantic journey goes exactly according to plan.  Sometimes the hiccups along the way become highlights in retrospect.There are ways to make sure that most of your memories are pleasant ones.

1. Keep an Eye on Your Stuff

Most seasoned travelers agree that Thailand is usually very safe for visitors from all over the world.While the incidences of crime in Thailand are less than most destinations, especially in the developing world, the most common crimes are ones involving theft.To guard against this, it is a good idea to carry wallets and purses in manner that discourages pickpockets, especially when walking through a crowded market.

2. Plan Some Time to Do Nothing

This may be difficult for people who like to have itineraries. Plan some time to do nothing. Enjoy lounging around that beautiful hotel room together with a bottle of wine. Keep an afternoon free to walk on the beach or lay out by the pool.You never know when something unexpected may come up to take you on a last minute adventure.

3. Rent a bike

Outside of Bangkok, riding a motorbike is a great way to explore towns and countryside at your own pace. Make sure you both wear helmets, whoever drives skips alcoholic drinks, and obey local traffic laws.Then hop on, feel the closeness of your bodies together and enjoy exploring Thailand!

4. Voluntourism

If you have an existing passion for helping underprivileged children, saving the environment, or preserving indigenous cultures, Thailand is a great place to use it.There are many organizations who will be happy to welcome you in the growing field of “voluntourism,” whether it's teaching at rural schools for a month orvisiting an orphanage for the day, doing charity work in your travels is a great way to meet local people, learn more about local issues, and give back to the local community. Couples working together in this manner have a real bonding experience. Together, you may gain a glimpse into how your future family will be, while gaining a deeper understanding of Thailand's issues—such as the highly respected sufficiency economy philosophy initiated by His Majesty the King—that you could not appreciate just from reading a guidebook.

5. Quality Alone Time

Perhaps one of you wants to go shopping while the other has always wanted to try muay thai. Or one of you wants to take a stroll on the beach at sunrise, while the other dreams of breakfast in bed. With so many things to see and do in Thailand, it is impossible that both of you will want to do the same thing at the same time every single day.

There's nothing wrong with spending a few hours apart if it means doing an activity you'll love while your partner does the same; occasional time apart is a great sign of security and confidence in the relationship.  When you reunite later for a meal or a walk, you'll have more to talk about.

6. Say Cheese Together

Naturally, when you are on vacation together, countless photos will be taken.Don’t be too shy to ask people passing by to help take a photo of the two of you.Otherwise you look back at your albums, you will regret not having more photos together.It’s always a good idea to ask someone with a serious-looking camera bag and holding an expensive DSLR like they mean business; they can make sure your photo is framed perfectly.Also, asking another couple to take your photo in return for doing the same for them is always a winning move.