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Luxury Attractions

You’ll need to pack good walking shoes before you set off for Thailand, as the country has a diverse range of attractions that you’ll want to explore.

As well as hundreds of Buddhist temples, Thailand has a few surprises as there are also many cathedrals and mosques. As well as religious sites, there are some first-class, modern museums that tell the history of Thailand and its arts. Many museums now have interactive displays that bring heritage to life, making it easy to understand Thailand’s past. The cities of Ayuthaya and Sukhothai have a long history, while in Kanchanaburi the more recent history of World War Two and the infamous Bridge Over the River Kwai has its own museum. There are also several art galleries and exhibition halls that offer different displays every few months.

Out in the countryside, there are several vineyards that are now open to visitors who want to sample the produce and soak up nature. For a more lively experience, there are several theme parks in Bangkok and indoor attractions for when the Thai temperature just gets too much.

Art and culture lovers tend to start their viewings in Bangkok, as the capital has several museums and art galleries.

Thailand is overwhelmingly Buddhist, so unsurprisingly most places of worship are temples.

Fancy spending a week sipping wine and wandering through the vineyards? You don’t have to head to South Africa or France to do that – Thailand has its own selection of wine-growing companies.

Thais love to enjoy themselves, so accordingly you’re never short of entertainment options.