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Budget Things to do

Even though the normal range of sightseeing activities is quite inexpensive already, there are sure to be those of you who want to pay even less—i.e. nothing.  Well, you’re in luck, as there are many activities, festivals, events, and ceremonies that you can attend and enjoy for free.

Of course, there are many outdoor activities throughout Thailand that you can always do anytime without paying: beaches, parks, temples, and markets come to mind.  Plan your trip around major Thai holidays and you get the added bonus of amazing, free entertainment unlike anywhere else in the world.  Whether it be the great Water Festival around Thai New Year in mid-April, or the lovely Loy Kratong festival by the Kingdom’s rivers later in the year, there are many annual holidays that you may wish to take advantage of, along with our suggestions below.

Budget travelers will love the variety of great, thrilling, and low-cost outdoor adventure activities available in Thailand.

With a limited budget, all you need is an open mind, a spirit of adventure, a little imagination, and a few pointers to create the perfect weekend in Thailand for you and your party on little more than a shoestring.