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Highlight Attractions in Thailand
Sukhothai Historical Park or Old Sukhothai City

A visit to Sukhothai wouldn’t complete without a visit to the historical site of the ancient Sukhothai City, to discover the history of the former capital city of Siam. The 70-square-meter park houses remaining str...

Wat Pleng

A historic site at Wat Pleng is a deserted monastery, located by Klong Sak Yai canal, Tambon Bang Kanoon, Amphoe Bang Kruay, Nonthaburi. Nowadays, it is a forsaken temple in the middle of fruit garden. Wat Pleng has a gi...

Wat Sak Noi

Wat Sak Noi is located at 20, Moo 9, by the Wat Sak Canal, Wat Chalor Sub-district, Bang Kruay District, Nonthaburi. Visitors can come to the temple by walking 700 meters from Wat Pho Bang O. Wat Sak Noi was built in Ayu...

Wat Krajom Thong

Wat Krajom Thong is situated at 15/2, Moo 2, Banggruay-Sainoi. Watchalor Sub-District, Banggruay District, Nonthaburi Province, 11130. The temple probably was built in 1367 in the era of King Ramathibodi I or King U-Thon...

Ko Kho Khao

Ko Kho Khao: Most of the island’s topography features plains with shady pine and coconut trees and a white sandy beach stretching for several kilometres. The beach is suitable for swimming. Resorts, bungalows, and ...